New Portfolio Site

I’ve been in need of a real online portfolio for some time now. I need somewhere to direct potential clients that demonstrates what I can do for them. Tumblr’s great for some things, but I’ve come to the conclusion that as a portfolio site, it is, at best, a placeholder. Fortunately, because I pay for Adobe Creative Cloud, I have access to a free Behance Prosite that can mirror any projects I post to Behance in a site I can thoroughly personalize.

Prosites has a lot of great features, including the ability to plug into Tumblr’s API. I’ve also been contemplating a return to Wordpress for greater levels of control, but Prosites is much more frictionless, and any updates I make to Behance or Tumblr can be pushed over automatically, so I’ll be going with this option for now, while continuing to play in Wordpress to see if it offers some long-term advantage.

My New Digs

As of today, directs to my fancy new Behance site. I haven’t laid down carpeting yet, and there are still a few bags of cement sitting in the corner, so pardon the mess. I’ll be fixing it up as I go along.

This site is the first thing I’ve designed to work with my new “corporate identity” (editor’s note: I am not actually incorporated) that I’m very proud of. It uses the amazing OpenType typeface Calendas Plus, by Atipo. The regular weight is free for the price of a tweet, and the bold and italic versions are available as pay-what-you-want. These fonts have way too many features (ligatures, small caps, swashes) to be this inexpensive, and manage to be both academic and playful at once. It’s definitely not a general-purpose typeface, but it suits the mood I want to project perfectly.

This Tumblr blog will remain open for business, and everything I post here gets mirrored over there. That means I can finally use Tumblr like everyone else instead of having to limit myself to posting only my own content. It should be fun. My Tumblr theme is going to get an update too, but I’m not in any particular hurry. I’m having too much fun elsewhere right now.